Way back at the end of 2012 I had an exhibition that launched my new Studio/Gallery space.
It was an exhibition based on the game of MONOPOLY.

In a nutshell, the process was as follows:  I had a meeting with Hasbro in London (who make MONOPOLY), managed to get permission to use their icons/symbols, signed a contract, visited every street in London on the MONOPOLY board. Photographed, sketched, researched the history of every street and MONOPOLY and if I found something interesting, I let that influence my painting compositions.

I also invited the local primary school to take part. The kids produced MONOPOLY based artwork (sculptures, drippy watercolours and made MONOPOLY money). They called it YACKOPOLY after Yackandandah (which is where I live).

I cleared out my Studio and the children decorated it with their Artwork. So as people entered through my studio, they saw all the great art the kids had created and into the Gallery where my work was exhibited.

It was not only one of the most successful exhibitions I have had, but was definitely the most fun and rewarding. From start to finish it took two years.

Obviously, I have been painting since then, but have not had a solo exhibition since. That was more than two years ago. Why haven't I???????  A question I often ask myself and I came to the conclusion that it is fear!  Fear of not succeeding in doing something as good. I imagine music bands that have a really successful album have the same fear when it comes to producing the next album.

I received a newsletter from Keith Abraham recently in which he mentions a video he watched by Tony Robbins. In this video  Tony Robbins mentioned ‘... life is the dance between what you desire the most, or what you fear the most’.

I have always been driven by what I desire rather than what I fear.  After all, I wouldn't have become an Artist if fear was my driving force!

Anyway, pushing fear aside, I have finally made a decision about my next solo exhibition ... or one of them anyway (more about that in a future post).

So, my next exhibition is going to be based on FILM. Yes, movies, but it is not going to be a series of cliche paintings of movie stars. So what is it going to be about? That is what I am still working out and may be for a while. How do I approach this?  What do I want to show?  What will I paint?  Why have I decided on Film?  So many questions, and the research begins!

I had a meeting with a  Gallery Director recently and they described me as a research based Artist. I had never thought about it, but I guess I am. That is probably why I don't do many landscapes. I love my paintings to have a deeper story, a background, some deeper level (that is a topic for another blog post).

So if you want to see what and how I go about all of this, then stick around. Even better, you can take part in a small way. At this early stage, I would love to hear from you regarding two things. I would love you to tell me the name of one of your favourite films and secondly give me an iconic (or your favourite) phrase/line from a film.

The more of these I get the better, so please share this post with as many people as you can. I would love heaps of answers, as this will be the springboard for what I imagine will be a roller coaster of a journey towards the exhibition. Welcome aboard!