So now to the nitty-gritty of what characteristics of Cathy should have an influence on the composition.

Now, there are some out there who would say, "don't overthink it!"  I absolutely hate this term. I believe under thinking causes more problems (not just in painting), not over thinking.

The fact is, if I can answer these and other questions, then I know what I am trying to achieve and how I might be able to achieve it. This is so much better than making it up as I go along. 

"What about spontaneity and intuition",  I hear you say. Well, here is the paradox - the more I plan, then the more spontaneous and intuitive I can be when I paint.
It is all of this planning, thinking and agonising that gives me the freedom. 

Looking at some thumbnails and thinking - what the hell am I doing?

Looking at some thumbnails and thinking - what the hell am I doing?

So, from my discussions with Cathy and getting to know her better, here are the a list of interesting aspects, or elements, that I may consider in my composition ... or not.

  • Cornish background
  • Strong personality
  • Sees her strength as courage
  • Sees her weakness as fear
  • Is very encouraging
  • Is determined
  • Championing rural women
  • Loves rocks
  • Enjoys weaving
  • Loves farming/rural life
  • Uses her hands a lot when talking
  • Very direct
  • Is an independent - no alliance to either side of politics

So what do you think?

How do you see Cathy? If you know her personally, or even if you don't, how would you describe her?  What is the one thing that stands out for you?

In the next post, the decisions I have made ... hopefully :)