PORTRAITS - pencil to watercolour

It's getting closer. I hope you are looking forward to the workshop as much as I am.

Please find below some relevant information.



If you have not done so already, please pay the balance for the workshop by 14 August (banking details below).

If you have paid the $100 deposit, then you have $595 to pay.

Bank details for direct deposit:

            BSB                         633 000
            Account Number      157 954 157
            Account Name         IC & NMK Sluga
Please use your Surname as ‘Reference’ when paying.
If paying by Cheque, postal address is
            PO Box 128, Yackandandah Victoria 3749



Below is a generic list of art materials for students’ information only.

It is not essential to have all the equipment listed below and please bring what you normally use.


Note: This workshop will work with pencil and then move on to some watercolour.
It is a heavy class with plenty of theory and a chance to put it to use.
This is not an advanced portrait class, but a portrait class starting from scratch, so we will be working from photos (not from life).

Please bring drawing pad (at least A4 size) and pencils- 24, 4B and 6B

Also bring photos and pictures from books or magazines as possible subject matter.




Please do not be restricted by the brand or colours listed below.

This is what I use and is listed only for your information.

Any brand you have is OK, and please bring any colours that you have.


1.     Winsor Violet                            W+N

2.     French Ultramarine                   W+N

3.     Cobalt Blue                                W+N

4.     Cerulean Blue                            W+N

5.     Winsor Blue(Green Shade)          W+N         

6.     Winsor Green (Blue Shade)         W+N      

7.     Cadmium Yellow Pale                  W+N     

8.     Raw Sienna                                W+N

9.     Raw Umber                                W+N

10.    Burnt Umber                             W+N

11.    Burnt Sienna                             W+N

12.    Cadmium Red                            W+N

13.    Permanent Alizarin Crimson      W+N

14.    White Gouache (any Brand)




Perylene Maroon

Cobalt Turquoise Light

Winsor Yellow Deep

Winsor Red





Variety of brushes.  A Mop/Wash brush of some kind is useful.

I use a Rekab 320S Size 12 and Winsor and Newton Pure Squirrel Size 3, but any kind of Mop or Wash brush will do. Since brush size numbers vary across brands, giving a brush size number will not be helpful.

Bring any brushes you have, but please do not bring only small brushes.





Arches or Saunders 300gsm or 180gsm medium or rough. 

Drawing pad (at least A4 size)





·        Hair Dryer

·        Box of tissues

·        Plastic water container

·        Hard board of some kind for attaching paper.  Gator board is ideal – Approx Size: 45 X 60 cm or bigger

·        Watercolour palette – make sure it has a flat space for mixing

·        Masking tape (roughly 2cm width)

·        Spray bottle

·        Rags for drying and wiping brushes

·        Soft eraser

·        2B, 4B and 6B pencil

·        A4 sketch pad

NOTE: A digital camera(smartphone) and/or a laptop/tablet may be very useful



Please make sure that you bring warm clothes. Even though the gallery is heated, some people still find it a little cool.

If you haven't booked accommodation yet, remember that some places were suggested on the how to book page.


Classes will begin at 9:00 (although the door will be open at about 8:30 am). Classes will conclude at approximately 4:00. There will be a one hour break for lunch and breaks for morning and afternoon tea. 


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

I am looking forward to a productive and fun week with you.