TOP TEN 2017



Thanks for attending my TOP 10 workshop at my Gallery in Yack. I enjoyed the week and hope you did too.

More importantly, I hope you were able to take some information away with you that you can build on.

As promised here are the  notes I said I would send.


First are some notes on how to change the dimensions of colour.

You can download that here.


Second is a list of complimentary colours - remember that this is not my list, but what I suggest you do is ignore the brand names, but if you have colours with the same name, try the combinations suggested.

It can be downloaded here.


Also I said I would include the little colour mixing method using a triangle in the colour wheel. This can be found here.

Here is my little summary of composition here. Remember this is a very simplistic summary and there is a lot more to composition than is shown here. I still hope it helps.


Next is the flowchart of my thinking/planning method. Here I was just trying to put my thinking process into something concrete.


The colour mixing wheel and the list of complimentary colours are from a website called handprint. Feel free to visit it, but please don't get caught up in the science of the colours. It is a monster of a website, but use it only as a rough guide and don't get lost in it.


Also below is a little reminder of the fundamentals of painting cars and/or boats.
Not detailed notes, but simply a couple of images to remind you of what to look for.

Remember with cars, that they are made up primarily of a trapezium shape for the windscreen and a rectangle for the front of the car.

The thing to look for when drawing boats is the "C" shape marked in red in the image below.

Good luck with your painting and remember to enjoy the journey.

Regards and thanks again.



NOTE: These notes will only be available for download until 3rd July 2017. I also ask that you please do not share these notes, as I make them for my workshop participants only.

Finally, since I am here, I would like to invite you to the unveiling of my portrait of Cathy McGowan for the Archibald. Information here.