Below is a list of generic equipment you will need for the workshop.
I have named the equipment I have, but you do not need to get exactly the same brand or type. Please contact me if you have any questions.



A small watercolour paint set. Pans are fine and a limited number of colours are fine. Anywhere from 6 to 24 colours is OK. You will just make use of whatever colours you have. As pictured below, I have a small Winsor and Newton travel palette, but any will do, as we will not be producing ‘full on’ watercolours, rather drawings, with some colour added.

If you already have a small watercolour palette and paints, just bring those.



I suggest one or two pads that are designed to take water. Watercolour or mixed media pads are best. Make sure that the paper is fairly smooth, as this makes drawing easier.

Strathmore, Winsor and Newton, and Stillman & Birn are some of my favouites and are pictured below. The size of the pad is up to you, but I find anywhere between A5 and A4 size are good. Also, I like to get ring bound pads, but this is just a personal choice.



All you really need is an aquabrush as this eliminates the need to have water containers.
An aquabrush is a plastic bodied brush that can hold water. Since the watercolour is used only to add colour to a drawing, a full set of brushes is not needed.


When buying pens, please make sure they are waterproof and fade proof - these are usually pigment based inks. A white gel pen is very useful too. You don’t need too many pens. I suggested 3 of different sizes, but you can even get away with one pen.
You can see below some of the brands of pens I have used, but you are not restricted to these.



  • Rags for drying and wiping brushes

  • Soft eraser

  • 2B retractable mechanical pencil

  • A5 sketch pad for taking notes

  • A fold out chair if you want to sit at the sketching locations

  • Small bulldog clip

  • white gel pen

Please contact me if you have any questions about materials to bring.
We have a newsagency in Yackandandah where you can buy pens to supplement your materials.