are you lookin' at me?



Charles Sluga isn’t a typical artist.

His early fascination with drawing and art instruction

in acrylics from the age of 13 later gave way to an

academic background in mathematics and physics.

But Charles made the decision to follow his passion

and became a professional contemporary artist

more than 30 years ago.

He is now recognised internationally as a master of

watercolours outside the square.” He shuns mediocrity,

questions the purpose of painting, and challenges himself

to push the boundaries of possibility.

Charles captures diverse subjects in a broad range of

styles ranging from the semi-abstract to loosely realistic.

He isn’t afraid to mix media to achieve his vision, and much

of his work is underpinned by careful research.

His Monopoly Exhibition, the result of two years of

detailed research and artistic documentation of the streets

of London, is an excellent example of how he delves deeply

into his subjects and applies structured thinking to his art.

Charles’s technique has been described by critics as

“impeccable” and his vision as ”brilliant” and “evocative”.

By taking risks he has helped elevate the status of

watercolour as a major contemporary medium.

His dedication to his artistic vision and pursuit of excellence

has been rewarded with the coveted Alice Bale Award,

inclusion in the International Watercolour Biennale, and

an invitation to be represented at the New York Art Expo.

He is one of the featured artists on the Winsor and Newton

website and one of very few represented in their catalogue.

Charles’s work features in American publications such as

“Splash 11” and “Watercolour Artist”, and he was co-author

of “Contemporary Watercolours” published in 2012.

APV films has produced a DVD featuring Charles painting in various
locations around London.

His home is Yackandandah but he travels the world to exhibit,

run workshops, and conduct art tours. Every year he takes a small

group to experience the magnificent Croatian coast.


Charles is a man who loves the smell of the sea, the chill

of winter, and the sound of laughter. He cries when he

reads Steinbeck and wears his heart on his sleeve.

He is happy to live in the world he creates in his mind.